Brain Center aims to make Neurology care accessible and convenient for patients with limited mobility, time or transportation options. Telemedicine enables our board-certified Neurologists and Medical Team to remotely monitor and manage patients in any location.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that can help you learn more about our TeleHealth services.

Please Call the Brain Center at (786) 565-8735 to schedule an appointment or to learn more.


What is TeleHealth NOT for?

TeleHealth is not for emergencies. If you have an emergency call 911.

When is TeleHealth available?

TeleHealth is available Monday through Friday 9AM -5PM.  Call us for information regarding the next available appointment.

What Equipment is needed for TeleHealth?

Your personal computer or tablet with an Internet Connection, or a smartphone can be used to connect with Brain Center doctors.

Do I talk to “real doctors”?

Yes, Brain Center TeleHealth providers are U.S. board-certified Neurologists.

Can I request a specific provider?

Typically, the Neurologists will be your usual Neurologists.

Can I get a prescription?


How do I get my prescription?

Prescriptions are sent in electronically.

Can I use TeleHealth if I have a pre-existing condition?


Is TeleHealth safe? How is my privacy protected?

Yes. Our TeleHealth service is designed to be completely compliant with all HIPAA regulations.

Will TeleHealth stop me from visiting my doctor’s office?

Absolutely not. Your personal relationship with your doctor will always be a key importance for your health.

Who benefits from TeleHealth?

Both patients and health care providers can benefit greatly from TeleHealth. TeleHealth provides access to care for patients regardless of their location. Providers can efficiently expand access to their patients.

Will I still receive personal care from my local doctor?


Who decides whether to provide services via TeleHealth?

The patient, if the insurance company has approved this service.  Currently most plans are approving telemedicine.

Do I qualify to participate in this type of appointment?

Very likely.  Please call to consult our staff.

Are my visits secure?

Yes. The programs used are HIPAA compliant.

Does TeleHealth have a Copay or Deductible?

Yes.  The same as a traditional in office visit.

How much does a TeleMedicine consultation cost?

Virtually all insurances are covering the cost of the TeleMedicine consult. If you don’t have insurance, we are currently charging Medicare Allowable.

Does Medicare cover my TeleHealth visit?

Yes. Medicare currently is covering TeleHealth services. The Brain Center staff can help you navigate payment for TeleHealth services.

What do I need to participate?

In order to participate successfully in the Brain Center appointment, the following technical recommendations are required:

  • Charge mobile devices to at least 50 percent before appointment times.
  • Find a quiet space with adequate lighting.
  • Wired internet connections are the most reliable when available. Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE are also acceptable.
  • Set at a fixed angle.
  • Use Wi-Fi if you have a cellular data limit for your device.
  • Wear ear buds with a built-in microphone to improve audio.
Are the social work programs available via TeleHealth?

Referrals will be made to support programs at a case by case basis.

Who can I contact for additional questions?

Call the Brain Center at 786-565-8735 for any questions.


Brain Center utilizes HIPAA compliant Telehealth software to help you connect to your Neurologist in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

Brain Center puts the patient in front of the right person. Fear and anxiety (for the patient, the loved one, the nurse or generalist) can be replaced by reassurance. With this platform, we can avoid needless tests and worry.  Our goal is to use Telehealth to increase patient satisfaction and the best outcomes for you.

Telehealth enables virtual care via your computer or smartphone. This lets our Neurologists communicate with you via camera and chat in a secure, private environment. It brings the exam room to your home.

Technical Questions

Why isn’t my video loading?

You’ll need to check two things.

First, do you have your webcam all set up? If you’re using a mobile device or laptop, chances are you have an integrated camera. If you’re on a desktop computer, you may be using a separate webcam.

Second, did you allow the web browser to access your webcam? If you’re using the web app (not the Android or iOS mobile app), your browser will show a pop-up when you first enter the virtual visit. The pop-up will ask you to allow the browser to access your webcam. Click yes to allow. If you don’t see that, try refreshing the page.

Go to your device’s control panel or settings menu and look for your webcam under devices. Test it out to see if it’s working. You could also try opening a video chat app like Skype to see if the webcam is working correctly.

Why is the video quality bad?

Low video quality is usually caused by a poor internet connection. You should have a minimum internet connection of 10mbps to do a virtual doctor’s visit. That’s the minimum speed we recommend for streaming video.

To test your internet connection speed, visit and press start. If the test says your speed is under 10mbps and you’re using Wi-Fi, try using a wired internet connection or restarting your router.

Why isn’t my audio working?

We know it sounds silly, but is your speaker volume turned up? We’ve all done that before. You can always play some music or open up a videoclip on YouTube to test your sound. Use an equipment test you can run to make sure your audio is working fine.

Why can’t my doctor hear me?

Check your microphone. Is it working? Like the webcam, you’re probably dealing with an integrated microphone if you’re on a mobile device or laptop. If you’re on your computer, you should have an external microphone plugged in.

Go to your device panel or settings and make sure your microphone is set-up. You could also open a simple voice recorder app (most mobile devices or computers come with one, like Quicktime) and do a test recording.

The visit froze. What should I do now?

Chances are that your internet connection dropped. Try refreshing the webpage — usually that will help. If you’re still having issues, check on your internet connection at

If you continue to have problems, contact the Brain Center or call the telehealth app’s technical support.

Insurance Providers

Health Insurances accepted by the Brain Center:

  • Aetna
  • Avmed
  • CarePlus
  • Coventry
  • Doctor’s Health Plan
  • Florida Blue
  • Health Options
  • Humana
  • Healthsun
  • Medica
  • Medicare
  • Oscar Health
  • Positive Healthcare Plans
  • Preferred
  • Simply
  • Wellcare