Mary Di FedeDirector of Business Development


Mary Di Fede has more than two decades of experience in the healthcare industry and government arena. As an experienced Business Development Manager in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and surgery center sales, Mary has demonstrated results in Sales and Marketing, Consultative Sales Management, Revenue Growth Generation, Relationship Building, Budget Management, Forecasting, Problem Solving, and Product and Service Launch. She possesses a strong ability to lead, generate and drive sustainable results in revenue, sales and productivity while maintaining alignment with corporate vision. During her stead as Media Relations Liaison and Zoning Assistant to several Miami-Dade County government officials, Mary’s efforts were realized both locally and nationally with the implementation of legislative policies to include the Family Leave law (adopted by nation), 2/3 Majority Vote for all zoning rulings, and Baby Stroller Parking Ordinance. Mary brings unbridled enthusiasm and a unique capacity to infuse operations with a sense of purpose and direction.