Brain Center Launched a New TeleHealth Service

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April 10, 2020


The only Comprehensive Neurology Group in Florida with NCQA recognition.

Brain Center announced today its launch of Telehealth Services to give access to patients who need to see a board-certified Neurologist. This expansion in virtual care will give patients an opportunity to access remote, quality care. The announcement comes at a busy time amid COVID-19 pandemic. At a time, when social distancing is among the major measures used to fight COVID-19 pandemic, Telehealth is stepping-up as a key technology for safe, secure and efficient communications. Telemedicine enables Neurologists to remotely monitor and manage patients in any location with an internet connection.

Brain Center’s virtual services are designed to complement its Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) which was recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) in 2019. Backline is the name of the software technology that will help the Brain Center meet patients in the middle. “Patients can feel empowered to manage their own care,” added Dr. Jeffrey Horstmyer, Chairman and CEO of the Brain Center. Telehealth is ideal for patients who are working, traveling, or busy at home with their family or children. It’s a perfect marriage of convenience and cost. Telehealth services can also be covered by insurance carriers as a routine visit with your doctor.

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