The Brain Center adopts EPIC Software

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The Brain Center announced today its launch of the EPIC electronic health records (EHR) software, one of the top 3 EHR systems in the world. Through a partnership with Memorial Healthcare System (MHS) of Broward, Brain Center deployed the first successful implementation of Community Connect Epic software in South Florida.

EPIC software is tailored to address various aspects of medical center operations, including population health management, patient engagement and revenue cycle management. Adopted by several of the nation’s largest hospital systems, EPIC was voted top overall software suite in the 2018 Best in KLAS Software and Services awards. The Brain Center’s system has been specifically customized to address the needs of The Brain Center’s integrated healthcare delivery model focused on quality of care and improving patient outcomes.

The Brain Center’s patients also have access to EPIC’s patient portal, MyChart, to help them better manage their care and medical records, assisting patients to be more engaged and proactive with their healthcare needs.

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